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Roman goddess face planter- Mothers Day Gift

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This beautiful figure is perfect for decorating your garden, apartment or as a gift.

Approximate dimensions:

Height: 40 cm/ 16.5 in,
Width: 26 cm/ 10.5 in,
Color: Gray,
Weight: 8 kg/ 19.5 lb,
Material: White concrete / cast stone.
Quality packaging!

GIFT TAG READS: You nourish, groom and talk to your plants, maybe its time you spoke face to face. Head Planters, give your plants the personality they deserve. "Life is some real serious stuff! Gardens shouldn’t be. Decorate with our Original Sculptures and breathe once again. Amusing, Inspirational and Expressive Art ... Enjoy it for life!"

Manufactured with decades-long tradition and experience.
Realistic, hand-cast design (reconstituted stone / concrete).
Perfectly aged to give it an atique appearance.
Hand-finished to ensure the perfection in details.
Made from weather and frost-proof compound.
Heavy and solid – not hollow – as it should be.
It represents a standard that is hard to beat for this kind of products!


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Concrete, Cement, Beton, Stone, Waterproof, Frost resistant, Portland cement
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