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Grid dry goods storage storage tank

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Sealed cans made of PET materials are more suitable for storing various foods, which are not only clean but also more hygienic, such as storing some sugar, snacks, milk powder and other foods. Its advantages are that it is easy to clean, impermeable, corrosion-resistant, has good chemical stability, and absolutely has food-level safety guarantees. It is the best material for sealed tanks.

Product description

Suitable for storing grains, rice, beans, sugar, snacks, flour, nuts, grains, coffee, rice, tea, oatmeal, dried fruits, kitchen seasonings, pasta and even pet food. Never worry about them being mixed together.

Compared with traditional food storage tanks, this food storage tank is designed with detachable partitions, which can be used for multiple purposes, solves the problem of insufficient storage of a single container, and meets the different needs of customers. And kitchen organization.

The 2-cell sealed grain storage tank is made of high-quality food-grade PP and PTU materials, which is durable, non-toxic, safe, easy to clean and can be used for a long time.

product information

Color: transparent
Packing size: 9.6 x 8.2 x 4 inches
Item weight: 0.004 ounces
Product material: PP and PTU material

Package includes: 1 PC* contains a dry goods storage tank
                           6 PCS* contains six dry goods storage tanks






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